Gullmarsstrand - 0 metres from the ocean

It was love at first sight when the Nilsson brothers arrived in Fiskebäckskil on a day in early May some 35 years ago. They acquired what today is known as Klinten, the beginning of today’s Gullmarsstrand. Early on, they came to think of their mission as one to create a place for contemplation and creativity. Inspired by the power and beauty of the site, they have allowed the facility to grow at a slow pace.

Locals, the region and tradition form strong parts of what Gullmarsstrand is, as does the site of the hotel itself by the ocean in Fiskebäckskil.

During 2015/16, the hotel completed its largest development so far with a 1600 sq m addition comprising 25 new hotel rooms, larger conference facilities, treatment rooms, gym and heated outdoor pool.

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