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Autumn menu. Serves from 6pm 1nov-21-dec.


Rose pepper smoked salmon
Lemon and smetana foam - Cucumber - Potato straw - Rye bread crisp - Pickled celery

Veal tartar
Ceasar cream - crispy garlic - pickled silver onion - kale chips


Grilled cabbage
Hazelnuts - Truffle - marinated smoked egg yolk - lemon mayonnaise



Lamb from Bondens Skafferi - The farmer's pantry
Cabbage cream - Brussels sprouts - Savoy cabbage - Lamb gravy - Pepper pickled endive

Beurre blanc - Trout room - Chives - Almond potato crumbs - cured blackrot - blacked onion - onion cream

Blue mussel - Chorizo - Broccoli - Yuzupicked fennel - Fried


Ceylon cinnamon cheesecake
Orange sorbet - sesame cake - cinnamon cream

Chocolate ice cream on chocolate from Valhrona
Rom cream - figs - hazelnuts - namelakka

Pear Terrine
Cardamom ice cream - Spice meringue




We also offer vegetarian dishes - ask your waiter!


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