At Gullmarssstrand we aim to promote sustainable development in view of the fact that current and future generations will have a good and healthy environment.

We strive to offer products and services while maintaining quality have been produced with minimal environmental impact. We have therefore chosen for us by the tail and prioritize vendors that are environmentally certified and actively work with sustainability.

We do this in order to work on the basis of environmental sustainability;


- We buy green electricity
- We warm up the facility with geothermal heat
-We continuously monitor our energy use
- Our facilities are largely equipped with presence-controlled lighting
- The outdoor lights have twilight switch
- We use compact fluorescent lamp/LED

- We use tap water and own carbonation
- The toilets are low-flow
- Special nozzles for taps and showers to minimize consumption
- We inform our staff about how to wash and save water.

- We sort waste as far as possible and strive to reduce the amount of waste
- We sort wood, glass, paper, cardboard, metal
- We review and minimize the use of disposable items and when used, it is environmentally friendly

- Detergent used daily are environmentally friendly
- Toilet and paper towels are eco-labelled
- We are careful when dosing to avoid overdose
- Our hired laundry is certified
- Towels, sheets, towels etc are environmentally friendly

- We offer locally produced and organic options at the restaurant and are seeking to increase the supply
- We always offer vegetarian options on the menu
- Disposable packaging used in minimum

- We inform and educate our staff to increase knowledge and commitment
- We inform our guests about our environmental work
- We show how our guests can join in and contribute to our environmental work during their stay

- Our letters, stationery and other paper are eco-labeled
- We turn off equipment not in use



The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, was born in 1989 when the Nordic council of ministers founded "the Swan" to help consumers choose environmentally concious products. It all started with Nordic Ecolabelled copying paper and batteries, but today you can choose from over 10 000 products and services carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. After a few years, the EU founded the official European Ecolabel. Ecolabelling Sweden, a state owned non-profit company, is responsible for both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel aswell as the EU Ecolabel in Sweden.

Gullmarsstrand is environmental marked via Svanen.

Read more about Svanen


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