Getting married at GULLMARSSTRAND

The whole journey

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding and the amazing journey you have ahead of yourselves. A journey towards one of the best days of your lives, filled with love and memorable moments! Big or small, we will help you with the planning along the way so that by the time your wedding day comes, you can just enjoy the joy of two becoming one!

Together, we will create the perfect wedding for you!

Below, you will find wedding inspiration and ideas, but naturally you and your wishes will be our main focus!

0 metres from the ocean – all year round

Regardless of the time of year, Gullmarsstrand is a magical place for weddings and parties. The proximity to the ocean, combined with the shifting landscapes of the different seasons create an incredible setting.

While the Swedish West Coast is usually associated with summer, sun and ocean swimming, imagine a colourful Autumn day where red and yellow leaves contrast with the still and sparkling ocean. Or a cold and frosty winter landscape meeting a silvery grey sea – combined with two people joining in matrimony it is among the most beautiful things you could imagine!

For more inspiration and ideas on what a wedding may look like at Gullmarsstrand, read below and click the link. 


Three times the romance – three-day wedding


Faraway guests are invited to a light dinner the night before the wedding – a buffet inspired by Bohuslän’s seafood is perfect for mingling. If you prefer a classic barbecue buffet, that is an alternative as well. Here, your guests will get to know each other in a relaxed setting before waking up to a perfect start to the wedding day preparations. The bride and groom and guests will enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and get ready for a romantic ceremony and fantastic wedding dinner!

The day after the festivities, guests will enjoy coming together for brunch where the happy couple could choose to open gifts, but most importantly take in everything in peace and quiet while having the time to thank everyone who shared in their big day!



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